Contrary to the idea that Samsung will be delaying the launch of the Galaxy S8 to April, there’s a new report that the phone will be present at the Mobile World Congress. That is good news because it means the South Korean tech giant is right on schedule. However, there is one catch: the device will not be showcased to the big public. This is according to one Ricciolo who shared on his Twitter the news.

As per this guy, a source told him it will be ready by March 29 with an $849 price tag. We’re guessing that is the ‘w17’ on his tweet as the 29th of March falls on week 17 of the calendar. This news gives the Samsung fans a new hope because this means they can still have the next-generation premium flagship smartphone just like every year. An April launch is a bit too late but we would understand Samsung if they delay schedule because we do not want the Note 7 fiasco to happen again.

The company needs all the time in the world to iron out the details and manufacturing processes before it releases a new product. We still trust Samsung that it will make things better this time. Actually, we have a feeling they already know what to correct since results of the investigations are in and ready to be made public in the coming weeks.

What’s interesting is that Ricciolo was the same guy who previously tweeted similar information as early as October. He said that there would be no early announcement but the Galaxy S8 will be announced at the MWC17.

VIA: @Ricciolo