The Samsung Galaxy S9 hasn’t even been made official yet, and here we are with rumors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It’s probably an irritation for Samsung that they were beaten to the punch by Vivo in launching a device with an in-screen fingerprint sensor. And more’s the pity when the Korean gadget giant could have included this new technology in the Samsung Galaxy S9, but it seems they were not willing to trade off their launch schedule.

So no, we’re probably not getting an in-screen fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy S9 that’s set to take the world by storm come MWC 2018 in Barcelona later this month. That technology will most likely be relegated to the Galaxy Note 9, which is normally slated for a bottom half of the year launch. The Galaxy Note 9 will be the one to compare with the Vivo X20 Plus UD, if no other manufacturer beats Samsung to the second punch, that is.

According to recently leaked patent documents that Samsung filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the optical fingerprint scanner that will be baked into the screen will be seen on the Galaxy Note 9. If this document is also a good source, you are probably seeing what the front of the Note 9 will probably look like.

The Galaxy Note 9 will probably launch around September or October. From today until that time, it will be interesting to see if other manufacturers launch some sort of in-screen sensor technology as well. It should matter because by that time, this technology could no longer be as unique as Samsung would like it to be.

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