Today Samsung has confirmed they’ll be opening up their first “Samsung Experience Store” in Sydney, Australia, and it will probably look just like their new Canada shop. After confirming a few details to AusDroid it looks like Sammy’s on a role. They’ll be opening up shop just a few doors down from Apple’s main Australia retail store.

This is the same Apple store that RIM recently played a terrible “wake up” flash-mob campaign that only earned them negative press. The fact that Samsung is opening up their doors just down the street from Apple’s largest Australia retail store is quite smart. I’m sure it won’t make Apple very pleased either.

Samsung opened their first retail store in Canada this summer, and it was instantly titled as an “Apple knock off,” but we’d have to disagree as it also looks just like those one stores you might have heard of — Best Buy. Here’s an official statement on the Australia retail store from Samsung:

Samsung Electronics Australia is delighted to confirm that we will be opening the first Samsung Experience Store at 450 George Street in Sydney in coming months. The store will be a premium space designed to allow Australian consumers an opportunity to experience the latest, cutting-edge Samsung products. We will be making an announcement with more details including the official opening date very soon.

It looks like Samsung will be opening up shop and offering another “premium space” for potential buyers to test, use, and enjoy all that Samsung has to offer. Their Galaxy S III has already sold more than 10 million units, so we expect to see plenty of them plastered around the new Sydney store. Go Samsung!

[via The Verge]