Samsung‘s latest in the Galaxy S line has unsurprisingly proven to be quite popular with smartphone owners out there, with the company claiming that total sales of the Galaxy S III to date have climbed past 10 million. The phone is hitting that sales milestone ahead of expectations, thanks in no small part the massive marketing campaign Samsung has rolled out to hype the new handset. What makes this even more impressive is that the Galaxy S III has only been available in Europe and Asia since the end of May, with North American carriers first getting the phone only last month.

If we were to look at it on a day-to-day basis, the Yonhap News Agency says that sales of the Galaxy S III have averaged about 190,000 per day. However, it’s unclear if that 10 million figure is how many handsets have been shipped to retailers, or how many have actually been sold to consumers. In any case, we’re sure it’s a number that’s making Samsung executives very happy this evening.

As the year rolls on, Samsung can look forward to enjoying more success with the Galaxy S III, as some estimates peg the handset with 40 million sales by the end of 2012. Samsung is expected to have performed very well in Q2 thanks to the Galaxy S III’s launch, and since Apple isn’t likely to announce a new iPhone until at least September, that opens the door to a very successful Q3 for the company’s new flagship device. To add to all of this excitement, we’re getting a major Galaxy-related announcement from Samsung on August 15, so the Galaxy line of products is definitely one to watch heading into next month. Be sure to check out Android Community’s review of the Galaxy S III for more information on the immensely popular handset!

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