Samsung SmartThings

Samsung has been quiet about the smart home department but now it’s presenting some changes to SmartThings. New products are ready from the South Korean tech giant so for a while, let’s take a break from the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Note 10. SmartThings has been around for years together with other smart devices but not many people have tried the tech. Most people think smart gadgets are expensive but over the years, they have actually become more affordable. Samsung is making the smart industry more reachable by the consumers by introducing affordable items.

The last SmartThings we featured was the Samsung SmartThings Tracker back in November 2018. The device connects with LTE to find missing pets or items. It’s one of the many products that fell under the SmartThings when Samsung decided to consolidate IoT products and services.

New products are ready. There is a new LED bulb, connected camera, and a WiFi smart plug. All three will be connected to a powerful hub via sensors. First, there’s the SmartThings Cam that is composed of several connected cameras offering a 145-degree wide-angle lens and Full HD 1080p resolution. It offers security monitoring for the home. Even at night or in low light conditions, the SmartThings Cam can still see very clearly.

The SmartThings Cam can “talk” to whoever is spotted in the camera. It can detect people and movements and be able to differentiate between them. You can check the camera on the cloud so you’ll know what’s been happening even if you’re not home.

Samsung offers the SmartThings with the free 24/7 cloud storage and up to four cameras per account only for $79.99 per year or $7.99 per month. That’s a good price compared to other services available. The Cam is sold separately for $89.99.

Connect the $17.99 SmartThings WiFi Smart Plug to a regular outlet and control any device from the SmartThings platform. You need the SmartThings hub though to connect. There’s also the $9.99 Smart Bulb that can be set up and connected to the hub.