Samsung’s announced a new event! Quick, let’s dig through the Galaxy S III rumor mill and see what they’ll debut! Hold your horses, Samsung faithful – there’s reason to believe that the latest Samsung event isn’t the one the company hinted at when delaying the newest flagship. Two things point to a smaller announcement: one, it’s in March, just three weeks after Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And two, it takes place in France, and apparently in French as well. Meaning no disrespect to our French readers, that indicates a regional announcement, probably a modified existing model like the Galaxy S Advance or a partnership with a local carrier. The lingua franca (so to speak) for the tech world is English, and announcements tend to come as such wherever they are: see Google and Samsung’s Hong Kong announcement of the Galaxy Nexus.

The announcement was revealed via invite to a handful of french publications, including FrAndroid. While the fan site didn’t reveal a location or exact time, it’ll take place on March 22nd. This date also points to something other than the Galaxy S III, since one of the major reasons that Samsung chose to exclude the GSIII from its Mobile World Congress showing is thought to be that they want to wait to give the device better footing against the iPhone 5. For the last three years Apple hasn’t announced a new iPhone earlier than summer.

That said, what do we expect to find at this announcement? The current flagships are allready released throughout France and the rest of Europe, and it isn’t Samsung’s style to hold a press event for anything less than a showstopper. If I had to guess (and please bear in mind that it’s only a guess) I’d say that the company will probably reveal the rumored 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab at Mobile World Congress, then use the French event to announce partnerships with local carriers for existing phones and tablets. In any case, we’ll be keeping a close eye on it to see if Samsung has any post-MWC surprises.

[via UnwiredView]


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