When will Samsung go 64-bit? When everyone else does. Speaking to CNET at MWC earlier this week, Vice President of Marketing for Samsung’s System LSI Business Kyushik Hong said they are working on the technology. He also said they’d be ready to go when the world needed them to be.

 Though others like Qualcomm are already bringing 64-bit to handsets, Samsung is taking a more pragmatic approach. With no 64-bit operating system to work with, they see no reason to release a chipset that can process to that end just yet. Though they’ve released some ineresting new chipsets recently, there have been no moves on the 64-bit front.

Hong said “64-bit is very important, in the sense that there’s a real demand, whether you need it or not. We are very actively working on it.” When confronted about timing concerns, Hong was confident Samsung would be on track with their contemporaries. “Our chip will be ready whenever the operating systems and ecosystem go 64 bit. We’re pretty sure we’re not going to be the bottleneck for that.”

The 64-bit Android revolution is coming. Samsung, as the largest Android OEM, has quite a bit to lose by falling behind that curve. Apple has already made the leap, and while true 64-bit prowess has yet to be realized, it won’t be long before we consider it a necessary part of our Android lives.


  1. 64-bit is just a side show. The REAL benefit that many folks, including CNET, is forgetting is the ARMv8 architecture.

    So, it maybe that Android is not ready for 64-bit, but ARMv8 architecture is far superior to the >20 year old ARMv7 that is in current Android flaghips. By jumping to ARMv8, you get a much faster and more efficient processing in EVERYTHING…THAT alone is enough incentive!!!

    The reason Samsung (and Qualcomm) is making these ignorant statements is that they are so far behind Apple in developing a chip with ARMv8 architecture. These folks have been seating on their behinds using an ancient (read over 20 years old design!) architecture and just ramming up GHz and core counts for PURE MARKETING purposes. If you think 64-bit is gimmicky, then you need to look at what Samsung and Qualcomm are doing right in front of your eyes! These folks have been playing their ignorant customers like a pro!

    ARMv8 is modern and has clear benefits. Samsung and Qualcomm are just so far behind that they have to make these ridiculous public statements to cover their laziness! THINK…they are over ONE year behind Apple in developing ARMv8 processor!!!! In tech world, that is beyond comprehension! These well-known chip designers & makers somehow fell so far behind a “novice” chip designer (Apple).

    I encourage everyone to READ up on ARMv8 vs. ARMv7. Your Android chips are ancient history. Blame Samsung and Qualcomm for tricking you by flash GHz and core counts in front of your face!


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