Samsung ads have never shied away from taking potshots at its competitors, particularly its biggest rival, Apple. The latest ad for its Galaxy S5 is no exception as it seems to highlight its newest smartphone by making fun of iPhone users and not really expounding so much on the features, but concentrating on its battery use instead.

The new ad is called “Wall Huggers,” their pet nickname for those who are constantly plugged in to the wall because of the notoriously short battery life of the iPhones. The advert takes place in an airport, where they show people constantly glued to the wall, and as the narration says, “…denied the freedom to enjoy even the most basic things.” It also shows Samsung users just going around, eating wherever they want, talking to whomever they know or want to talk to, not stuck “until your battery says so.”

The idea for the ad is due to the fact that the Galaxy S5 wants to highlight its Ultra Power Saving Mode, where you can set your phone to use this on six applications, including calls, messages and your web browser, when you’re running out of juice. In the ad, one of the Samsung users shows that she can still last for 1 day using the mode, which also turns the phone black and white. The ad also highlights the removable battery aspect of Samsung phones, which is something that iPhone users have never experienced. (and apparently are baffled with)

Samsung previously mocked its tablet rivals Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface and the Kindle Fire when it released an ad for its Galaxy Pro series, criticising them for several features that they were harping on, and Samsung claimed it can do more. They had also previously run an ad campaign for their Galaxy Note 3 and their Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, comparing it to Apple products and saying that size does matter.


  1. Well, everyone knows that Apple People are wall hugging, paste eating sheep who poop their pants a lot and live on the souls of kittens and bunnies.

    The God ToyMakers at Samsung keeps us informed of every detail on their collection of 50 thousand models to choose from.

    thanks Samsung: you are the best ToyMaker ever.

  2. When I got the S5, I sorta knew about the claims for longer battery life, but I really thought it was mostly just marketing hype. But the battery lasts MUCH longer than my old Droid Bionic, and I’m pretty pleased with THAT!

  3. The ads stretches things a bit. However, my wife is a bit put off about how often she has to charge her 5s compared to her 4s (which had much better battery performance).

  4. Lol yeah Iphone wall huggers… at least the iphone battery and charging port doesn’t break after a few months Good luck getting a Galaxy phone that lasts 1-2 years without being repaired or battery replaced 🙂

    • I have had 4 Samsung and never repaired anything but a cracked screen and iPhone users experience that probably even more

  5. I have a galaxy s2 that hasnt been repaired or needed a battery replaced for more than 2 years; if you’re is breaking more often than that it’s your own fault.


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