Samsung has been doing all of the developers and Android tinkerers a solid lately and have been releasing the source code for many popular devices, often times before they even launch. They’ve now released said codes for the Stratosphere, Transfix, Galaxy Y Pro and more all before they’ve even been officially launched. Source codes and kernels are essential for developers to tweak and customize Android and build kernels and all those other things we all love about Android.

They’ve not only released the codes for low-range phones, the same thing has happened for the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and the AT&T SGSII although we are still waiting for the T-Mobile versions code to be released. With the way things have been going I see that dropping any day now. All the details and downloads can be found at the Samsung Open Source Center, don’t we wish everyone else was this quick?

Samsung Stratosphere kernel source
Samsung Transfix kernel source
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro kernel source

The Transfix and Stratosphere are both available now and while they might not be the best smartphones around, now developers can get them cracked open and start tweaking them for max performance or whatever else they have in mind. The links provided above for each respective device will take you to the kernel source download for said device. Enjoy!

[via Android Police]



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