Samsung has reported their Q4 2012 earnings and it appears as if they had another good quarter. Of course, as we recently saw with the IDC report, Samsung is doing well in terms of smartphone sales. In fact, they managed to come out on top in terms of smartphone sales for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Putting the IDC report to the side though, the Samsung earnings report show Mobile Communications as having quarterly revenues of 27.23 trillion won. This accounts for a 4 percent increase as compared to Q3 2012 and was said to have been “mainly drive by solid sales” of the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III. But really, would we have expected something else in terms of top selling devices. After all, Samsung has regularly offered updates in terms of how many they have sold.

In addition to strong Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II sales, Samsung cited increased demand in the mid-to-low end new model launches for tablets and increased demand for smartphones in both emerging and developed markets. Other bits mentioned strong sales of smartphones and tablets (in general), increased sales of the Note 10.1 and increased sales of the Galaxy Note II due to upgraded pen functionality.

Taking a step back from the Mobile Communication side and looking at Samsung Electronics as a whole and we are seeing quarterly revenues of 56.06 trillion won ($52.04 billion) and an operating profit of 8.84 trillion won ($8.27 billion). Finally, looking forward to 2013 and we learn that Samsung is expecting “intensified competition” in terms of both smartphone and tablet sales.