Samsung Pay may not be the most popular mobile payment service in the world today but for millions of Samsung Android phone owners, it is perhaps the most reliable. That is expected because it is mainly from the South Korean tech giant. We remember the first time it went official on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge over three years ago. It was soon added to other premium Galaxy phones and expanded to more countries with better features and integrations.

In July last year, we reported that Samsung Pay finally partnered with PayPal. The time has come as a number of Samsung Galaxy phone owners are sharing they can now add their PayPal accounts to Samsung Pay.

Under settings, you will see Payment Cards. You can add a payment card whether your PayPal or any credit/debit card. We’ve been expecting this one to roll out and we have no idea why it took Samsung this long since several cards from Discover Cards and Visa Checkout are already supported. Samsung only needed to add the PayPal payment method. The latter has been a widely used method with millions of users all over the world. Adding it to Samsung Pay would definitely mean a faster and more secure checkout.

VIA: Reddit