Samsung is hyping up the Gear S3 and we know it has a potential to sell because it can be paired with non-Galaxy phones. We’ve already seen what’s inside the smartwatch. It’s up for pre-order since last month so we’re only waiting for Samsung to start shipping out the orders. But more good news: the company has recently teamed up with Lonely Planet to bring a new and educational experience to the consumers.

Frequent travelers especially will find the result of this partnership very enriching with all the travel guides and tips featured. Lonely Planet is set to offer relevant content for all Samsung Gear S3 users. It will also take advantage of the Gear 360 and the Galaxy S7 to make more immersive materials. This is part of Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel” flagship marketing campaign.

Lonely Planet will provide location-based information right on the Gear S3. This project aims to “enrich the customers’ lives by inspiring them to explore the world with ease” as per Samsung’s VP of Global Marketing, Mobile Communications Business Hee-Sun Kim.

There will be a separate Lonely Planet smartwatch app that you need to download on your Samsung Gear S3. You won’t need any partner Galaxy phone because you can access the Lonely Planet app directly. With the wearable app, you are given access to information about more than 50 cities all over the world.

With your Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch loaded with the Lonely Planet app, you can view the top places relevant to your location. It’s really handy when you’re traveling because you can bookmark tourist spots or route directions as necessary.

The Lonely Planet app also includes four exclusive watch faces. The travel-themed designs will also include the world clock, weather information, and destination details. Samsung Gear S3 Guides by Lonely Planet app will be available later this month but you can now download the new watch faces from Samsung Galaxy Apps.

SOURCE: Samsung


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