The Samsung Gear S3 is finally announced. It’s here and definitely real, ready to rival the current top smartwatch bestsellers although we don’t know which one is the most popular in the market today. We know the wearable industry isn’t as strong as expected but at least we know there is a market. It has become a standard category in the gadget world. When shopping, all you need to do is decide whether you are more after the design and aesthetics or the functions and features.

For a first time smartwatch buyer, it’s recommended that you get from the brand that is already trusted such as Samsung. Note 7 fiasco aside, the Samsung smartwatch is good enough. It runs its own Tizen OS and the latest Gear S3 model brings together the digital, mobile, and analog aspects of watchmaking. The new Gear S3 is now a standalone device which means it can work on its own sans connection to a smartphone.

The Samsung Gear S3 is comprised of many different parts. There’s the bezel and front case available in two styles—frontier and classic. It’s in the bezel where the RF antenna is placed. The stainless steel-grade bezel can also be rotated.
The Gear S3’s display is a 3-inch round Super AMOLED and features a Gorilla Glass SR+ screen. It comes with an ambient light sensor and makes use of the embedded Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology.

The bracket protects the smartwatch’s components from impacts and any shocks. There’s the built-in speaker, microphone, Bluetooth, and WiFi inside. The mainboard of the smartwatch includes several sensors and components such as the GPS, barometer, hear rate monitor sensor, 3G/LTE, SIM card slot, and NFC.

The Samsung Gear S3’s rear case boasts of an anticorrosive material so it can last long with its military-grade durability IP68 dust- and water-resistance. The watch’s band is ready in two options: leather for the classic style and a silicon band for the frontier version.

SOURCE: Samsung