Samsung Ultra-thin Glass

This is the first time we are officially learning from Samsung about the now controversial Ultra-Thin Glass. No, this Ultra display isn’t exclusive for the Galaxy S20 Ultra variant but for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The South Korean tech giant’s second foldable phone is facing a number of issues these days although we believe it has the potential to become better. The Ultra-thin Glass (UTG) is covered by a first layer of protection which is plastic that easily scratches.

We’ve heard of the ultra-thin glass before but nothing as close and detailed as today. We’re not sure if this is a response to the question and search for the actual glass after several durability tests and teardowns. If you may remember, JerryRigEverything’s Durability Test revealed it is only plastic. The foldable display easily scratches at level 2.

Samsung responded to a post by The Verge by saying there really is glass and that is covered by the plastic. Zack Nelson then did his own teardown and tried to remove the plastic. He finally discovered the Ultra-Thin Glass so yeah, there is the glass part.

Samsung Display has officially introduced the UTG as a first in the industry to bring it commercially. It can be used as the cover window for foldable screens. Measuring only 30mm thick (thin), the display is durable and flexible. No doubt about the flexibility but we’re not sure about the durability. We’re not expecting much from Samsung but we think it needs some more improvements.

Samsung Display’s VP for Mobile Display Marketing, Dennis Choi, shared: “With our existing polyimide cover window, development of the new extremely flexible UTG cover window ‘Samsung UTG’ now enables us to meet more demanding customer needs. Clearly, Samsung UTG is a highly enticing manufacturing alternative which serves as another important example of our dedication to technology advancement and manufacturing excellence.”

The Samsung UTG is applied on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip although there was a mention it was the same display used on the first-gen Galaxy Fold. Other OEMs are also expected to utilize the UTG so they can work on their own foldable devices.

Samsung UTG is described as “Tough, yet Tender”. That can be argued but we understand Samsung’s intention. There may be doubts about its durability but Samsung has already passed 200,000 fold tests by Bureau Veritas. Samsung already owns the Samsung Ultra-thin Glass trademark so expect it to be available on more products.