Last week, we learned that Galaxy S8 sales are slower compared to last year’s S7. On top of that, there’s the rumor that Samsung isn’t honoring the $200 trade-in discount for the Galaxy S8. We’re not sure about what is happening here but we think that Samsung needs to step up its game and sell more Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8 before the Note 8 is revealed.

A new deal was recently offered by the South Korean tech giant in the US for a limited time. You can avail of the phone on the Shop Samsung app or if you trade in your phone. You can send in your old Note 5, S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 edge or other iPhone models. The trade-in credit is the “Promotional Trade-In Credit” which you can use to buy a new Galaxy S8 or S8+. The second phone should be on the same mobile carrier though.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy S8 for the same cost while Galaxy S8+ as the next unit will cost only an additional $100. If you’re trading in your device, make sure you do a factory reset and the phone is in good condition. Some features like the reactivation lock and Google Factory Reset Protection should be disabled already.

You can avail of the Samsung Galaxy S8 starting at $724.99 or $30.21 per month for two years at zero percent interest with Samsung Financing. The price doesn’t include shipping and taxes so you’d better prepare for them.

SOURCE: Samsung