I know we just posted a story regarding the next possible Nexus, but that was more of a random bit of info than anything and most likely should be taken with a huge grain of salt. This latest news is an entire different story and could very well be some official info.

According to @SamsungMobileRO (Romania) Samsung will in fact be the OEM that will launch the next iteration of the Google Nexus. For now we are still just calling this the Nexus 3 but most likely it will be something else, possibly the Nexus Prime. You might need some translation done but @SamsungMobileRO just outed that they have started production on the Nexus 3 and it will in fact be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and be out late 2011.

Here’s the translation of the SamsungMobileRo’s tweet:

The production will be started now, most likely [to arrive] in late 2011. It [Nexus 3] will bring Android 4.0 on the market”

We have heard lots of rumors regarding this phone, reports from BGR seem to be pretty accurate so far with them claiming all along Samsung would get the green light and not HTC or LG. If this latest news is correct then they nailed it right on the head. We have heard gibberish of a quad-core Nexus but most likely the impressive spec will be a HD display rocking a 1280×720 resolution and Ice Cream Sandwich. We don’t know if it will be called Android 4.0 or not but it is supposed to bridge Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Android 3.0 Honeycomb into one. So Android 4.0 seems highly possible.

Until we hear and can find out more I’m going to leave this right where its at, still a rumor but that it might have just got a bit clearer. Stay tuned for more information as this all pieces together.

[via @SamsungMobileRO]


  1. Been using nexus s since day 1, I have to say I’m not impressed. It’s true that the phone sets some standards for the others, but some features like tv-out and lack of SD slot seem intentionally removed or changed by the manufacturer just to keep users away.

  2. Yeah, Samsung needs to build this from the ground up, processor and all. It don’t even need to be quad-core if Samsung is doing the processor. Their Exynos 1.2 is murderous! And they’re supposedly bumping it up for the GS II – let’s hope the Nexus would get the same and better. I wouldn’t rule LG out for the Tegra 3 Nexus, but who’s gonna wanna buy that after LG took all that heat about the G2x? But I’d take an LG Nexus over an HTC Nexus anyday.

    • like Samsung didn’t drop the ball with the GPS chipset, huh?
      you know who would still wanna buy an LG with a quad-core? me, that’s who. 
      for those gathering reactions & have deciding control: if LG still has a standing chance, let it be them.  as long as it’s design by Google (unlike the S was) i’d favor it. 
      HTC is great too, but their partnership with Qualcomm is their undoing. 
      between LG’s display & Nvidia’s superchip, this is what Nexus is all about: marriage of latest capabilities of hardware & software. 

      • Dog, I’m not hating on LG for nothing – I’m a G2x superuser right now! When I said who’s gonna wanna buy an LG Nexus, that was based off all the nimwits complaining and so fourth about the G2x situation. Those nimwits say alot when it comes to sales, and LG has a bad reputation right now. Do you know how many people were crying saying they are gonna sue LG? LOL. I’m all for an LG Tegra 3 Nexus…. I insist! HTC is at the bottom of the list for me. Samsung and then LG. But I’d perfer a display from LG.

  3. Holding onto my Nexus One tightly.  Let’s see if they can pull it off.  Honetly, I’d rather them bring the Nexus Series back to HTC.  Samsung components are garbage.

  4. This will not be a Samsung made phone. HTC is working on the new generation of dual core at 1.8 ghz speed that runs at 75% less power. Google and Andriod are best served with such low powered CPU. Every Android fan should pay attention to the Krait Snapdragon because
    it is the first mobile system-on-a-chip (SoC) built on a 28nm
    process. Delivering up to twice the density of previous manufacturing
    nodes, 28nm technology allows chips to do far more with less power, 75% less.
    Qualcomm should be able to deliver industry leading battery performance
    with Krait, which is the most-requested feature among Android owners.

  5. Htc sucks shit… I hope they never make any phone… we all remember nexus one issues…. touch screen problem and power button dying out on u and over heating issues u…. like wtf for a phone company who have been the competitor of iphoneg since the start of time there is no excuse for then to still be able to produce phones that are shit

    • On what basis do you make this uneducated comment? I’ve tested several HTC phones that perform quite well. Maybe it’s the user…

      • Unfortunately, he’s right.  I’ve never personally had the power button problem, but many others have reported it.  I have had heat issues (only when phone is sitting in my car dock in the scorching sun) and the phone randomly vibrates and is super hot.  It’s also plain as day with the touch screen issue.  If your 2 touch point ever meet on the same axis coordinate, the screen freaks out and touches some place else.  Look it up on you tube.  Its also easy to notice in the N1 if you try and play some of the touch screen games with joysticks.  That said, I’ve had my nexus one for over a year and I still love it :).

      • The touch screen issue is because of the type of screen used. I read this somewhere. basically the X,Y coordinates are returned from your finger touches and it does a BEST guess of which X and Y belong together. You can see for yourself using a Touch Screen Test app, It works perfectly fine for pinch and zoom, but it does get both points confused. Its like a if your two touches were at two corners of an imaginary square, when it’s confused.. it maps your finger tips to the other two corners of the imaginary square.

        The issue i do have with the screen with Nexus One is it reading my touch 1 inch off , it could be due to hot screen or device.

  6. What the hell… HTC n LG phones are unable to satisfy what google wants from them n even HTC got a chance too during nexus 1 but doesnt do well… Google hav a trust on samsung n gave the chance of nexus S to be build by them n thus got impressed wid it n that is why they gave the second chance to samsung again….


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