We have had our share of Google Nexus 3 news over the past few months but this sounds even better. The first big story was complete garbage, then news followed that Samsung would be building the next Nexus and it could be the Nexus Prime, but now we have something that might be on an entirely new level.

The Google Nexus + built by our favorite manufacturer HTC! First HTC made the Nexus One, then we got the Samsung Nexus S that could have just as easily been made by Motorola or Sony Ericsson. Latest reports suggest Samsung, HTC, or LG will release the next Google Nexus device. Now in case you missed it Google just announced Google+ to go head to head with Facebook and it is building traction. Sadly though HTC has just released the HTC Status also known as the Facebook Phone with a hardware button directing you right to your favorite social network, Facebook… errr is it Google+, I’m confused!

Could this seriously be a reality for Google and Android, soon or sometime in the future? What do you guys think? Would Google or HTC think about releasing a phone that will interact closely with Google + or is that still months and months away after + has grown and becomes a bigger social site. For now it is still in limited beta and invites open and close on a daily basis as they slowly let more users in. Google has a long ways to go before Google+ becomes what they plan it to be.

This story should obviously taken with a HUGE grain of salt or hand-full but here is the “source” just for kicks.

We saw the official series of Google phones. First, the HTC Nexus One, then the Samsung Nexus S. The third Nexus – Nexus 3 (name not finalized) will be manufactured by HTC and has the distinction of having a button to share on Google +.

PS: Can not display the official proof yet, but information from a Google employee”

I have to point out that the next version of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich is said to do away with hardware keys or buttons of any kind and will be purely touchscreen controlled. So how can we have a Google+ button on the device unless they plan to integrate it deep into the OS, and that idea is somewhat possible too I think. Either way this is just shenanigans for now but we thought you’d enjoy it. Feel free to check out the super secret source via the link below.

[via FrAndroid]


  1. this rumor is garbage too, why would google release a NEXUS device with a google plus button, when not all people are in to that kind of crap? This is stupid news, throw it away, HTC sucks now, SAMOLED is the way to go, G+/faceboog/twitter, not everybody uses these services, NEXUS is a phone for everybody, so this is a dumb rumor started by HTC fans. I used to be the biggest HTC fan as well, but they have lost me and a lot of fans here recently with all their bull-shit they have pulled. Now, if the nexus 3 is built by HTC, and comes with Super Amoled HD screen, then its an instant winner. But if its HTC parts only, google can keep it, ill go with the SGS2.

    • On the contrary, I think it makes perfect sense to have a G+ button. Not everyone uses it (DUH it’s still in beta) but it seems to me that Google eventually wants everyone to use it as the conduit to everything else they want you to use. Search, Gmail, Maps, Picasa (er, Photos), Docs, Calendar: they’re all on the top of every Google page and they’re now calling it the “Google+ Bar”. If Google is trying to integrate the PC based experience around G+ it only makes sense that they will try to integrate the mobile experience too, and what better place to do that than on Android and on a Nexus device…

  2. The main problem I see here is that the “nexus” line is a pure android experience. That means it is stock android with nothing extra.

  3. The main problem I see here is that the “nexus” line is a pure android experience. That means it is stock android with nothing extra.

  4. I truly hope it is true. After my dealings with Samsung and the crap they pull, I will never again buy or advise anyone to buy a Samsung phone. The screen is nice but useless in direct sunlight. Promised updates that never come. Software that doesn’t work out of the box.

  5. Also, it might be useful as a hardware camera button once you are in G+. Google wants photo sharing to be a major component of G+ and rumours says there are some advanced camera features that are meant to blow us away. Just saying, if they were going to put a button on an iCS Nexus, that would be the only reason to make it hardware over capacitive. 

  6. Can someone please send me an invite to google +. That would be much appreciated! My email is gordongoldsmithrealestate@gmail . com. Thank you. Thank you!

  7. Can someone please send me an invite to google +. That would be much appreciated! My email is gordongoldsmithrealestate@gmail . com. Thank you. Thank you!

  8. IMO. The next Nexus won’t have button, it will be screen only smartphone. If Google want to integrate G+, it would be wiser to integrate it deep down into the OS, Android, instead of into the hardware. You see, the device manufacturer is not just one, integrating G+ into the hardware is not the right choice because it would only be available on certain device, the best (if the integration into the hardware is that great) experience will be on certain device. But if G+ is integrated deeper into the OS, it will be available to everyone who has Android device (the latest version), thus Google can make sure each user have the best experience, so the control here will be on Google side, not the manufacturer, it will be better to have control to what they want to achieve.

  9. End of the year I suppose? I hope this gets available all outside the US within weeks this time. Nexus One never made it out smoothly, and Nexus S took 4 months!

  10. i’m calling fake, only cuz this is a stupid idea. google+ will be integrated into the software like all of google’s other services.


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