For everyone hoping to get in on some biggest brightest screen on a handset in the entire world action, some developer action at that, your time is now, and the place is over at the SOSRC. Of course that’s also known as the Samsung Open Source Release Center for those of you not into the whole brevity thing. You can use this code to build the whole system from the ground up or you can use it to make some wacky ROMs or you can just fiddle with it all the livelong day.

This device’s source code can be found by heading over to the Samsung Open Source Resource Center and finding the download marked SGH-I997. From there you should go wild and make us all some magical mystical mysteries so we can watch Tron on this big screen even better. That said, how many of you actually own this device thus far? It’s known for two things: being the precursor to the USA edition of the Samsung Galaxy S II, and for being the very first AT&T Android device to allow 3rd party app installs.

For more information on what this device is all about, head back to our full review and see the glory inside. Note that it’s got an MHL port and converter so you can output to HDMI, that it’s got the biggest display for an Android handset in the USA, and it’s the second thinnest Android device in the world, beaten only by a TINY fraction by the Samsung Galaxy S II. Also take a peek at the benchmark pummeling that occurred when the two were compared.