Samsung is set to launch the Note this coming August 23 (or is it August 24?). After months of waiting since the Galaxy S8 duo was introduced, we’ll get to see the follow-up to the Note 7 which suffered a bad fate due to overheating and battery explosions. It is expected to be better now since the South Korean tech giant has already improved QA protocols and introduced the 8-Point Battery Safety Check.

Aside from the next-gen Note, the company is also expected to introduce a new wearable. There’s the Gear Fit2 Pro as its newest fitness smart band, as well as, a new Gear VR.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro follows the Gear Fit2. It’s not named as the Gear Fit3 but this one is the third-gen fitness and health tracker from Samsung.

You can say it’s the “more pro” version because it is now 5 ATM water-resistant. This means you can wear it while swimming so you can time your workouts and records how many laps you’ve done. The IP-68 rating of the Fit2 was only good enough for some water splash but this new model now lets you submerge the wearable device fully. This feature makes it compatible with related apps like the Speedo On, perfect for the professional swimmers.

This device also now has music playback, making it more similar to a real smartwatch. It also comes with GPS connectivity. It works on both Android and iOS phones. For special wearable services, the Gear Fit2 Pro takes advantage of the digital services by Under Armour. Unfortunately, there is no mention on pricing and availability yet but it should be ready very soon.