If you’re really serious about training or attaining a fitness goal, you probably choose your wearable not just for its ability to track how many steps you’ve taken. One of the more recent devices to be released that is meant to help people train and/or get fit is the Samsung Gear Fit2. And now, its newest software update brings a lot of improvements and even new features that have strengthened its heart-rate and exercise-tracking abilities to help users train and reach fitness goals.

After you finish an exercise, the tracker will give you a color-coded graph showing your different heart-rate zones and broken down into “Moderate”, “Vigorous”, and “Maximum” so you can see the efficiency of the activity you’re doing. When you exercise for more than ten minutes, your Gear Fit2 will automatically activate the fitness-tracking function. You can now also customize your pace targets and by inputting your distance and time through the Samsung Health app, it will create a workout for you to help you reach your running goal.

With the latest update, you can now also customize what you see on your wearable screen when doing your workout. You can see distance traveled, calories burned, duration of your exercise, and your heart rate. To look at the other data, you just swipe across your screen. And if you want to be reminded that you have to move, every 50 minutes, your Gear Fit2 will nudge you to do simple stretches so you avoid becoming a vegetable.

Other new things from this update includes better sleep analysis, sending an SOS alert by triple pressing the home key, and browsing and downloading watch faces directly to the device. You can download the latest update to the Gear Fit2 through the Samsung Gear app.

SOURCE: Samsung