We haven’t heard anything regarding a 7.7″ Galaxy Tab until just recently when someone spotted the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 name in the new Samsung Unpacked App. So far that is all we know but don’t worry we will be finding out plenty more this next week at IFA in Berlin. We might even see a new Galaxy S II at IFA if we’re lucky.

The photo shown above, as well as another at the source, claim this to be the new Samsung Galaxy 7.7″ Tab. While the blurrycam image above does get me a little excited as I think a 7.7″ Honeycomb tablet would be an awesome size and just right for portability. Then they have a second photo that makes me a little iffy and start to second guess it. Looking just like the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ in the second photo our sources provide we can’t really be sure what we are looking at.

We know a Galaxy Tab 7.7″ is coming and most likely with a Super AMOLED Display like we saw leaked here. In that and other recent leaks we are lead to believe the new Galaxy Tab would be running on Android 3.2 Honeycomb but the leaked photos show capacitive touch buttons, something we don’t need with Honeycomb. Either way I’m excited to see what Samsung has coming but for now I’ll be taking these photos with a grain of salt. What do you guys think?

[via Android-Life]