It looks like a few prying eyes were digging around in the new Samsung Unpacked Android App and found some goodies. From what we are seeing Samsung has either on purpose or inadvertently unveiled three of their upcoming products they are announcing at the Unpacked Event. We are seeing the name Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and that gets me a little excited. a 7.7″ Android Honeycomb Tab would be awesome.

You can always unzip an Android app and look through the contents and it appears a lucky reader over at thisismynext stumbled upon the details and the image posted below. Pretty interesting indeed. We are seeing the Galaxy 7.7 Tab, as well as the Samsung Wave 3 which will probably be the last smartphone with the Samsung Bada OS, then the mysterious Samsung Galaxy Note.

Seeing the term Galaxy on the Samsung Galaxy Note makes us think Android obviously, but what this device will be we aren’t really sure. We have not heard of the mysterious name before so we’ll probably have to wait and see. Maybe a Galaxy Tab type device with stylus support for “note” taking, something to complete with the Kindle, or even a rename for a music player like the Galaxy Player. What do you guys think of the name “Note”, and how do you feel about a 7.7″ Galaxy Tab?

[via SlashGear]



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