We haven’t heard much about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE headed to Verizon lately other than when it went up for pre-order. You can also see the official press release if you’d like. We have just been tipped that the upcoming 4G LTE Tablet will be using a new Micro SIM card for the 4G LTE speeds from Verizon.

The 4G SIM cards currently used on the Thunderbolt, and Samsung Droid Charge are pretty large just like most SIM cards used by other carriers. They look to be using a similar sized SIM card to what is being used in the iPhone 4. This doesn’t really mean much other than you wont be able to swap them if you need. If I was a Thunderbolt user it would be nice to be able to throw my 4G LTE SIM into my new Galaxy Tab when I happen to leave the house, but that wont be happening.

Verizon should announce the 4G Micro SIM cards later this month but we still don’t have a release date for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE, just the pre-orders. This makes me wonder if future devices will use the Micro SIM cards as well. Hopefully when the DROID Bionic launches we will see what it uses for a SIM card. It may be the first Micro SIM with 4G LTE but we wont know until further details emerge. If they do start shipping all LTE devices with Micro SIM cards then we will be able to swap the cards, hopefully this is the case. Stay tuned!