We have known about the Galaxy Tab 101. LTE for quite a while since it was announced way back at the first of June, and since then we haven’t heard much else regarding the 4G LTE tablet that is headed for Verizon. It did however go up for pre-order a few weeks ago. Verizon stores are now starting to receive posters and flyers showing the 4G LTE tablet so this may be a good sign.

When the pre-orders first started going out users were reporting a 4-6 week wait for shipping and that would put the release sometime early August, but new reports are suggesting we will be seeing them in-stores starting this week. My insider sources are saying Thursday. With stores starting to get posters and flyers like the image above the device can’t be far behind.

I doubt they’d have posters that large up for more than a few days or a weeks tops without the device also showing up in the store. Hopefully the Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE will be launched soon, or at least tell us some updated news. We have also heard it will be using a new micro SIM card for the LTE capabilities. More and more signs are pointing to it being ready to get the green light.

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[via Droid-Life]