Bixby is set to be the AI assistant for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. We’ve heard that the digital assistant will come pre-installed with the flagship phone, and that it will have all kinds of features. One of the newer ones we just heard about is optical image and text recognition, via the Galaxy S8’s camera.

This means that Bixby – while having access to most of the Galaxy S8’s native apps and all the information there – will also have the capability to recognize objects and text coming from what is being fed through the camera of the device. This is pretty much like what Google’s Goggles app used to be able to do, but Samsung is planning a little bit more depth into what Bixby can do.

We’re hearing that the native camera app on the Galaxy S8 will have a Bixby button – toggling that will give the AI access to a search tool that processes whatever the object the user is currently pointing the camera at. Bixby will analyze the image, and identify objects or text. If an object, the AI can help search for that object. If text, Bixby can use optical character recognition to process and digitize. Pretty cool.

Apparently, with Bixby’s connections to other native apps, it can actually look for where you can buy the said object in your viewfinder online. If you want to purchase right away, Bixby can even make the purchase for you. This is just a matter of the interconnectedness Samsung is giving this assistant. For sure, we are not seeing the full view of what Bixby can do, but March 29 is not too long to wait for the launch of the Galaxy S8.

SOURCE: Sam Mobile