We’ve only been waiting for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the rest of the premium flagship models. We revealed a few weeks ago that it will be ready for the Galaxy S6 sometime in January 2016 according to that leaked Samsung Galaxy Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Roadmap. The South Korean tech giant could only be waiting for the official release date as some screenshots of a Marshmallow-powered Galaxy S6 were published online.

The screenshots appeared two weeks after one T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5 got the fluffy software by accident. Some say they’re not real because of the changes on the TouchWiz but similar screenshots for the Galaxy S6 have been sighted as well. Android 6.0 for the premium S6 is something that should be ready very soon since the Galaxy S7 is about to be revealed next quarter.

Looking at the images, you’ll see the changes on the TouchWiz. Again, that’s something expected because Google is believed to be already working with Samsung to hasten the update and the actual release. Notice how the toggles look sleeker and nicer in blue. The background of the quick toggles also turned to white. The icons look the same so don’t expect a new design although Samsung is more than welcome to surprise us when the official Android 6.0 software update rolls out for the Galaxy S7.



  1. Have the Galaxy S6. After spending years with an Iphone, absolutely love the current OS [and phone] and not in a hurry to update.

  2. Just got the S6. Very slow and battery is pretty bad; i will be switching to nexus if this patch doesn’t fix its problems. :3


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