When we discuss Samsung devices, we don’t often think about TouchWiz. Sure, it’s the default user interface found in most phones by the South Korean tech giant but we don’t usually give it enough attention unless more themes are ready or improvements are released. The UI still has some problems (what platform doesn’t?) and sadly for the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5, there are issues on RAM management that device owners are only waiting for Samsung to fix.

The latest TouchWiz update we know was the Samsung Galaxy S6 getting a stock Lollipop theme. Well, that’s not exactly TouchWiz but the model still had no new TouchWiz yet. Before that, we heard of a more Android-like TouchWiz on the then upcoming Galaxy S6. This time, we heard a rumor that says Google is considering to work closely with Samsung to optimize its proprietary user interface as they want it faster and easier to use.

This new partnership is expected to make TouchWiz easier to use and offer more options for customization. Not that Samsung can’t do it on its own but Google has the right resources so it makes more sense. And perhaps instead of waiting a long time for Samsung to get things done, Google has to butt in help and make things faster and easier for everyone.

Google could also just be being careful by doing the hard work this early before things get worse and people think Android isn’t user-friendly at all. TouchWiz and Android go hand-in-hand so any issues with the UX would affect the mobile OS. No confirmation on this one yet but we won’t be surprised if it’s true because seriously, TouchWiz needs some optimization for sure.