We can feel it’s coming nearer. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is scheduled to arrive in less than two weeks so that means the South Korean tech giant and its many offices around the world are getting busy with the major announcement and the actual launch in the market  of #TheNextGalaxy. We’re hoping the new premium flagship phones will be available by March 11 in Europe and earlier in the United States.

As with most special announcements of flagship phones, Samsung has dropped the price of the Galaxy S6. The 32GB model is now $450 at Amazon US while the Black Sapphire model on AT&T and T-Mobile is $451. Other colors may be a bit  more expensive but still more affordable compared to before.

The White and Gold Samsung Galaxy S6 phones are now $460 and $457 on both mobile carriers while the Blue Topaz version is the most expensive at $470. This price cut makes the unlocked 32GB Galaxy S6 down to $600 straight from Samsung but it’s more affordable at $530 from Best Buy.

Promos, discounts, and price cuts are sometimes indications of low sales but in this case, the Galaxy S6 almost a year old. There’s also the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is about to be unveiled. We’re assuming the S6 edge will also receive a price cut so let’s just wait and see what happens before or on February 21 at the Unpacked Event.