The argument between plastic or aluminum for smartphone designs is ongoing, and we all know Samsung’s been criticized for it in the past, but that could soon be changing. A company by the name Catcher Technology is reportedly looking to secure a large deal with Samsung electronics to manufacture and build millions of new metal smartphone casings, which many believe are for the new Galaxy S5.

Catcher Technology manufacturers the aluminum frame for the MacBook Air, iPad Mini, and HTC One just to name a few, and some new reports are stating they have reached the final stages for a massive deal and order for Samsung. Could this be the workings of their upcoming Galaxy S5? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard talks about an aluminum smartphone in the works.

Interestingly enough, back in June Samsung partnered with a major Carbon Fiber and Kevlar company which had many thinking their next devices would take that route, much like Motorola’s DROID lineup. However no one seems to actually know what they have planned. Either way, if this deal goes through we’re hearing Catcher could be agreeing to manufacture roughly 30 million units for Samsung.

Last month there were reports that Samsung had finished their own manufacturing plant to start churning out their own housings for the Galaxy S5 and upcoming smartphones, all in aluminum. The Galaxy S5 will move more than 30 million units, and Catcher will need some help with the job. This potentially means we could be seeing both parties manufacture the next wave of metal or aluminum Samsung smartphones and tablets.

This wouldn’t be the first time a company has used multiple component sources. And in fact, most do to reduce risk or shortcoming in supply. We’ve heard countless rumors that Samsung is moving away from plastic, and the new leather-like Galaxy Note 3 could be the first, with more to come.

VIA: AndroidAuthority