The Samsung Galaxy S 5 is currently in development stages, but what isn’t known is what it will look like or feel like in the palm of your hand. With over 10 million S 4‘s sold already, it’s exciting to think about how different (or similar) the S 5 will be, and whether or not it will be an evolution or a brand new product altogether.

As of now, all Galaxy’s have had plastic bodies, which are extremely durable, and cheap to manufacture. However, when consumers pick up a new, high tech product, they’re not looking for “cheap” – they’re looking for high quality, even if the product itself (in terms of pricepoint) is on the lower end of the scale.

That’s exactly why rumors of a new all metal body for the S5 that are circulating should not be ignored. If it was to have an all metal body, it would of course be more expensive to manufacture, but in turn, could increase brand/quality perception, which may in turn also increase sales. The theorized metal to be used would be aluminum, which itself is a very light, durable metal. However, it is difficult to keep free of dings and other small imperfections.

Also, by using an all aluminum unibody construction, it will likely be that the owner of the product cannot manually replace the battery of their S 5, and may instead need to take it into a registered Samsung retailer, or a private shop that specializes in Smartphones. By doing this, Samsung hopes to again be neck and neck with Apple in terms of brand quality, and expects an enhancement in customer relations and service. HTC as well has begun to use aluminum for their One series, and reviews are already pouring in about how much the consumers love it. Samsung won’t just stand back and watch all the accolades to competitors pour in; they want a piece of the pie as well.

All this aluminum talk only further verifies the “Design 3.0” news, which was purported to be part of Samsung’s new design direction. Although nothing is entirely set in stone, there is a very good possibility that this may happen. Either way, the S 5 is still about a year away from introduction, so we’ll have lots to speculate about until then. It’s never too early to start. Right?

SOURCE: AndroidGeeks