It’s about time that Samsung says goodbye to cheap plastic materials, and this week they’ve done just that. The debate about Samsung and their continued use of cheap plastic materials for their electronics isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, with the HTC One coming with a durable aluminum design the debate has only been growing. This week Samsung entered a joint venture by buying out 50% of “The Carbon Company” known as the SGL Group.

The news was very quietly announced by SGL Group themselves, confirming that the joint venture would see Samsung taking control of 50% of the company shares. The end result is a new company called “Samsung SGL Carbon Composite Materials” and they will specialize in carbon materials and carbon fiber for the masses.

The primary objective here is that Samsung wants to continue pushing the envelope with different materials for technology, and the partnership will offer a long-term supply of Carbon-Fiber materials for use in various Samsung products and consumer electronics. We welcome a Carbon Fiber wrapped Galaxy Note III with arms wide open!

The primary objective of the cooperation is to develop new industrial and electronic applications with carbon composite materials for Samsung and the Korean market.” – SGL Group

The group works with carbon fiber, but also with carbon and graphite. Their technology could be used in multiple different Samsung divisions. Carbon Fiber is extremely lightweight, ultra durable, and can be molded and curved into nearly any shape imaginable. Having this type of technology and a never-ending supply for Samsung could be huge moving forward in the smartphone and tablet market.

This will obviously roll into much more than just Samsung’s mobile division, but that’s where we are focused and the first thing that came to mind. With predictions of 100 million Galaxy S 4 sales, preparing new materials for the Note III and Galaxy S 5 is certainly a good move. We hope Samsung says goodbye to plastic, and welcomes Carbon Fiber to the mobile team.