At first, you may ask what’s unusual or special about the video but if you’ve been watching a lot of gadget drop tests the past few years of your life, you’d understand what it’s all about. The phone was dropped from around 1,000 feet by Blake Henderson. He was flying and then filming another plane when turbulence happened. He was recording a video while flying but then his phone fell into a yard where two guys were, we’re assuming, were mowing the lawn.

Watch the video below shared by Robert Ryan to see what happened:

The smartphone really fell down and surprisingly, it survived the drop from that height. We were hoping to witness something funny or shocking but just the fact the phone was still working is enough to make us believe Samsung did a great job with the Galaxy S5. Yes, the phone in the video is a Galaxy S5. It’s slightly old but it still is working.

The Galaxy S5 is probably more durable than some phones today. Upon learning that it’s a Galaxy S5, we didn’t think it was impossible because the Galaxy S5 series had received numerous positive feedback years ago. We’re not sure though what Galaxy S5 variant is this because there are other S5 models like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport. We have no idea if this one had a protective case too.

Watch the full unedited video:

VIA: Reddit


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