Samsung is introducing a new smartphone, and it a form factor that will probably be pretty familiar to Android fans. The South Korean company is making a Galaxy S5 Sport handset, which follows up on the recently released Active. It’s a familiar look for fans of the previous Active iterations from Samsung, but is it necessary?

We will say, the Sport is much more attractive than the current Active, with it’s massive, weird bumpers. According to Samsung, the new Sport is meant for, well, sports. Activity and healthy monitoring are the aim, here. From Samsung, we learn what sets the Galaxy S5 Sport apart:

  • Activity Zone: Pre-loaded app offering a barometer, compass, flashlight and stopwatch from a single screen
  • S Health2: An integrated mobile health platform to access health info, map out workouts and make healthier eating choices
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Track your rate before and after your workout
  • Sprint Fit Live: Pre-loaded app providing access to fitness applications and activities in addition to delivering relevant health information
  • Available in Electric Blue and Cherry Red color options

You read that, right — Sprint. The handset is a Sprint exclusive, much like the Galaxy S5 Active is for AT&T. The S5 Sport is, like the Galaxy S4 Active before it and current S5 Active, just a bulkier model meant to provide protection for those rough and tumble smartphone owners. It’s IP67 water and dust resistant, and Samsung is marketing the textured rear cover as “easy to hold onto when you’re on the run.” The phone will be available in Cherry Red and Electric Blue starting July 25th.

Source: Samsung