The Galaxy S5 Active is probably Samsung‘s worst kept secret so far this year. Almost everything, including the device itself, has already been leaked and, to complete the puzzle, we’re now getting word about which US carriers will carry the smartphone and when.

According to TK Tech News, which has been the almost unending source of leaks for this rugged smartphone, the Galaxy S5 Active will be available on almost all major US carriers. The SM-G870A will be heading for AT&T in June and the SM-G870T will, unsurprisingly, land on T-Mobile later in July. Noticeably absent is any mention of a V model, which is indicative of Verizon variants. Perhaps the source just wasn’t able to confirm that fact at the time, which sounds more likely than the possibility that Big Red won’t be offering the device at all.

There are no new surprise details regarding the Galaxy S5 Active, which could sadly mean we already have everything there is to know about it. In terms of hardware specs, it deviates very little from its Galaxy S5 namesake, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip, the 2 GB of RAM, and the 1080p, not 2K, display. In fact, the only differences really are on the outside, with physical navigation buttons, a dedicated and configurable side button for the camera, and an aluminum edge capped at the top and bottom with hard rubber for that extra dosage of protection.

Interestingly, TK also notes the possibility of a certain SM-G871 heading to AT&T as the Galaxy S5 Active Mini, something Samsung has not done for the Galaxy S4 Active of the previous generation. Pricing details are still unknown, but, given how the Galaxy S5 Active and the Galaxy S5 almost match feature for feature, the rugged version might try to also match the price tag, or maybe even surpass it.

VIA: SlashGear, @Keaton Keller (photo)