Samsung‘s high-profile flagship is barely out the market and already it has been rooted. XDA Senior Recognized Developer ChainFire has now even provided a version of his CF-Root image to let users gain root access to their soon to be Galaxy S5 smartphones.

ChainFire, who is now part of the OmniROM core team, is probably most known for his SuperSU app. However, he has also been providing the CF-Auto-Root utility, which is an easy way for rooting Samsung devices. The tool actually uses the stock Samsung firmware and has been known to work with devices such as all previous Galaxy S flagships and Galaxy Note phablets. And now it works with Samsung’s latest flagship, at least with the SM-G900F model. Other variants are not yet supported but those might come later once the firmware for those devices become available.

Now that more adventurous users will have a way to root the Galaxy S5, all that remains is actually waiting to get their hands on one. Unfortunately, if rumors do pan out, that might be a longer wait than usual. Samsung might be experiencing a few bumps along the road ahead of its scheduled April 11 launch. A fire in one of its more important factories has the media speculating about supply shortages. And while supply isn’t a problem in its hometown of Korea, bans on carriers may lead some to wait a lot longer after April 11. Comically, the situation has ended up with at least two carriers to start selling the Galaxy S5 yesterday, much to Samsung’s bafflement.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world will patiently wait two more weeks, and those eager to root their smartphones might want to hold off for a while as well. CF-Root is relatively easy to use but still does require the use of tools like Odin for flashing the image. While the process is easy and the risks are relatively minimal, there are still precautions to be taken and things to be aware of, especially when dealing with Samsung’ new KNOX security framework.