Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have been heating up lately. There has been several reports, including one from a Korean securities firm that listed (what they believe) to be a full set of specs. Perhaps a bit more important was news of the Unpacked 5 event, which has been announced by Samsung and will be taking place just ahead of Mobile World Congress, on February 24th. Along with Galaxy S5 rumors, we are now beginning to see details of an Active and Zoom model.

Samsung released both of these with the Galaxy S 4, so in that regard, it would make sense if Samsung were to introduce follow-up models based on the Galaxy S5. In this case, that would be the Galaxy S5 Active and the Galaxy S5 Zoom. Those, as we saw with the Galaxy S 4, meant a handset designed for the user who may come into contact with a bit of water and for the user who wanted a bit more focus on the camera setup.

Talk of the Galaxy S5 Active comes by way of the Korean language etnews which tells the story of a “premium waterproof, dustproof smartphone.” There wasn’t much in the way of spec details, however as we saw with the Galaxy S 4, the specs of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Active will likely be similar, if not the same across the board. The report mentioned how the Galaxy S4 Active accounted for 3 to 4 percent of all Galaxy S 4 device sales. Interestingly, this report cites unnamed sources that suggest the Galaxy S5 Active could account for as much as 20 to 30 percent of Galaxy S5 sales.

Shifting over to the talk of the Galaxy S5 Zoom. In this case we are once again seeing a situation that is light on specs. Details here are being shared by Blog of Mobile who are reporting based on mention of a “Samsung Mobile Camera for R&D.” Also included was a model number of SM-C115 with word of how this device would have an import cost of just below $525.

That all being said, while a Galaxy S5 Active and Zoom model would make sense based on what we saw with the Galaxy S 4 — we do have to remember this is all based on rumor and speculation at this point. Assuming the reports are accurate, the next question would be in regards to specs and when we may see these announced. Time will tell whether Samsung announces the full Galaxy S5 lineup during the Unpacked 5 event, but fortunately, that event is coming up quickly which means little time to wait.

VIA: G4Games, phoneArena