Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The Samsung Galaxy S21FE will be announced next. That is a promise as mass production is set to begin in September. After this, the Galaxy S22 series is expected to begin production and testing as well. Production of components for the Galaxy S21FE has been delayed by four months already since May. Hopefully, production will really commence by next month so release may be final before the end of the year. With this delay, shipment target of the mobile devices may be reduced.

As for the Galaxy S22, production will begin in November. Hopefully, there will be no delay so a Q1 2022 launch may happen.

The launch of the Galaxy S21 FE should be close enough to the Galaxy S22 series so an earlier release may be expected. Samsung’s 2H (Q3 and Q4) numbers must be great lest it wants to allow Xiaomi to take the lead especially in key markets.

We’re crossing our fingers things will be better because of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The foldable phones’ target along is six to seven million units.

Samsung isn’t the only OEM facing shortage problems. Other OEMs have also been delayed in production and launches. The pandemic situation isn’t improving anytime soon but these companies need to make money. Shipment numbers have significantly dropped for Samsung but we’re crossing our fingers things will improve.


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