Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10e Teardown

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series has been a favorite subject. Premium flagships from the South Korean tech giant are usually in the spotlight since people pay a lot of money for them. Samsung knows premium quality but sometimes, it still fails. Remember the Galaxy Note 7 battery issue? We know it won’t happen again because the company now follows a more rigorous quality control protocol. As for the Galaxy S10, it doesn’t have any battery problem but the display with on-screen fingerprint reading may have some issues in the future. That and the reverse wireless charging recently introduced.

We’ll have to see what’s inside the phones. Teardowns are a sure way to find out how well-constructed a device is. The first teardown videos appeared last week even before Zack Nelson released his version. Apart from JerryRigEverything, we look forward to IFIXIT’s teardown analysis because it tells us a lot about a phone.

For this purpose, a Galaxy S10e was first opened to know how it is different from the Galaxy S10. For one, the S10e has a bigger power button with an embedded fingerprint sensor. The S10’s under-display fingerprint scanner is the reason why its power button is smaller.

IFixit starts the teardown by heating things up. The iSclack opening tool is helpful as usual. A simple pull releases the panels easily. Since the Galaxy S10 is also opened, we notice that flex cable is now gone. That’s because the fingerprint sensor is no longer found at the back.

We see heat-dissipating graphite pads on the back cover which we’re assuming are there to “cool down” the phone when necessary. During the teardown, you can see some Phillips screws that remove the midframe. The wireless charging component is here but we’re not sure if it’s a wise decision.

Both the S10e and S10 require powerful chips and Samsung made it happen with the latest Snapdragon 855. Moving on to the battery, Samsung glued the battery to the metal midframes. We don’t see any pull tab that may help when needed.

Removing the display reveals the ultrasonic fingerprint-sensing system. Meanwhile, the S10e only has a plain screen. If you need to replace the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, you may have to replace the screen completely. Zack Nelson already said it, this isn’t repairable because of the many breakable glass.