Samsung Galaxy S10 Teardown

This is Zack Nelson’s official teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S10. We’ve been waiting for this since the Unpacked event but some guy beat JerryRigEverything by launching a series of Galaxy S10 Teardown videos. The videos were different from what we’re used to but it showed us how the ultrasonic fingerprint reader is small and thin and how much thermal paste is used. We’re assuming Zack has seen the video even before he did his own teardown but really, it doesn’t matter who did first.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was subjected to a Durability Test also by JerryRigEverything. The Galaxy S10 survived with flying colors. Now allow us to check how well-constructed and well-design the phone is.

The latest flagship opens without any difficulty after some heating around the edges. It needs some help to pry open and the razor has been helpful. Once opened, you can see the rear panel doesn’t have anything attached to so it’s safe to take apart.

The wireless charging pad is similar to last year’s flagship phones. Some 14 screws can be found around the black plastic material and then unscrewed to reveal a square contact pad that lines up with the motherboard to transfer to the wireless power.

You need to know soldering if you want to attempt to take out the phone and then put the components back together. The device is pretty solid as you’d expect from a premium Galaxy smartphone.

The Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint is hard to see but it is hidden under the screen. The screen folds away from the smartphone frame. Doing this exposes the circuitry of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. It is latched to a ribbon but pulling it out disconnects the scanner which is connected to the AMOLED display.

Is is fixable? Is it repairable? There are too many permanent components inside so it might be difficult.

Watch the complete Samsung Galaxy S10 Teardown video below: