Samsung Galaxy S10 Teardown

The videos below are perhaps some of the first teardown videos we’ve seen of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. They’re the first in the world, maybe even out before Zack Nelson is able to get his hands on the new Galaxy phones. It’s not clear where
handyreparatur123 got the phones but it’s fun to watch something that isn’t from JerryRigEverything or IFIXIT. Teardown videos show how a phone can be easily opened and these three are no different.

As with most teardowns, these videos show the Galaxy S10 and S10+ being pre-heated and then pried open. Removing some parts are easy because the screen and the back plate are attached to the mid-frame.

There isn’t much need for disassembly but the teardown videos are pretty much perfect illustrations of how Samsung designed the new premium flagship phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Teardown

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Teardown

Samsung Galaxy S (I-9000) Teardown

One of the videos shows how Samsung used a thermal paste and heat sink along the copper vapor chamber as described. We also find it interesting the ultrasonic fingerprint reader is thin and small.

We didn’t really know what to expect so it’s a nice surprise. Now we’re looking forward to other teardown videos. Let’s wait and see.