We are still expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy S IV on March 14. In fact, Samsung recently announced the Times Square event that will allow anyone to watch the livestream of the actual announcement. Putting that date aside, the rumors seem to have slowed down, however they have not stopped entirely. To this we have a bit more today dealing with the internal storage, exterior colors and processor.

Starting with the storage, Samsung is said to be launching the Galaxy S IV with options including 16, 32 and 64GB of space. Of course, this will likely come in addition to microSD storage. This hasn’t been discussed as much, however it is believed that the microSD storage will support cards up to 64GB in size. That could make for a Galaxy S IV that has a total of 128GB of storage space.

Assuming these latest rumors prove accurate, the exterior colors would be a change for Samaung. The Galaxy S IV is now expected to launch in black and/or white. No mention of a blue model at the moment. As for the processor, this adds a bit of further confirmation to the report we saw a few days back. The one dealing with the Galaxy S IV having an Exynos 5 or a Snapdragon 600 depending on market.

Basically, SamMobile is now reporting based on the word of an insider that “Samsung is mostly sure to use Snapdragon instead of Exynos.” Jumping back to the previous Galaxy S IV processor story and we had talk of Samsung using the Exynos 5 in Europe and the Snapdragon 600 in the US. Rumors, rumors and more rumors. One thing is certain though, the announcement date is approaching quickly.

[via SamMobile]


    • the problem with the octa core on US is that it doesn’t work with US kind of 4G tecnology, thats why they always use the snapdragons in there.

  1. I use ~18Gb of my GSIII 32Gb storage currently, so both 32Gb and 64Gb versions of Galaxy S4 will suit my needs perfectly=)

    BUT!!! 128Gb Galaxy SIV would be a WOW option, no doubts)

  2. People, the author did NOT say there would be a 128 GB S4, they clearly said “That could make for a Galaxy S IV that has a total of 128GB of storage space.”

    A total of 128 with 64 internal and external. Just thought I would clarify!

  3. It would be very useful to have 64GB of space on the Galaxy S IV. The extra storage, better camera and a 1080p display are all rumors that I hope are true, though. I like watching my live and recorded shows on my phone during the trip to and from work at DISH, since it takes a bit of time to get there. I’m able to do this with the DISH Anywhere app on my phone, which lets me stream wherever I go, so it’d be nice to catch my shows on a full HD display.

  4. for me the storage option is not necessary..I stream the majority or use WiFi for the rest…very little use out of my local storage except for apps…..so unless I want 100’s of apps cluttering my apps menu you can keep the 64 or even the 128GB

  5. Maybe the manufacturers should look into NOT using OCTO-CORE tech but instead concentrate on BATTERY TECH and FASTER MEMORY SPEED TECH!…quadcore is nice if not overkill for the MAJORITY of mainstream users out there…….OCTOCORE IS JUST RIDICULOUS right now in this time and day…how many apps out there TODAY even take advantage 100% of the quadcore tech??………slow down Mr. I gotta be faster than the next guy……work on quality 1st

  6. One good thing about snapdragon is that you can use data & calls at the same time on CDMA, but I doubt you could on the exynos5. Hopefully you can & if there going to use the adreno 600 I’m just going for the HTC one *better camera, microphone & hardware/body* it’s always something, plus I like HTC stereo speakers.

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