While those of us in the US patiently wait for Samsung to tell us which carriers will get their new Galaxy S III, those in the UK have a date – and generally don’t have to worry about carriers, thanks to an inter-operable HSPA+ cellular infrastructure. (Not that we’re bitter or anything.) But for those Brits that still want to get a nice juicy subsidy with their Galaxy S III, we’ve got good news: according to UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, no less than five of the UK’s biggest carriers will be offering the phone with various incentives and monthly deals.

The five initial companies are O2, Orange, Three UK, Vodafone and the UK branch of T-Mobile. Given the pricing for other high-profile phones, you can expect pricing to start in the £36 per month range on contract. Pricing for the unlocked version seems to be somewhat flexible – while Carphone Warehouse lists the phone for £499.99 with a free 32GB microSD card and charger, Clove UK wants £549.99 for the 16GB phone alone.

Americans will have to make do with a vague “summer” release date for now – no carriers have officially confirmed that they’re getting the phone, though Samsung says it’s coming to at least two. Verizon is almost certainly one of them, as this user agent string confirms along with a Snapdragon S4 processor (as opposed to the quad-core Exynos on the international model). The Galaxy S III will be available in Europe on May 29th and in the UK the day after.

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[via UnwiredView]