You might not be able to get it like right this minute but at least you can place your order and have comfort know you’ll get the sweetest Android phone soon enough. We have mentioned the Galaxy S II heading to canada more than a few times and last we heard Virgin Mobile Canada would have it July 14th. The new Samsung Galaxy S II landing page should make you excited if you’ve been waiting.

If you head over to the Virgin Mobile Website you can get it ordered now for the low low price of just $169 (or $599 outright for the cool kids). If you don’t have Virgin Mobile up in Canada it should be headed to multiple carriers in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to see more of it feel free to read over our initial hands-on as well as our Galaxy S II Review. Again we are still waiting for this phone to arrive for the U.S. but we did get some good news this morning and we should be seeing it here sometime in August. Better late than never right?

[via Virgin Mobile Canada]