Samsung has a lot of devices and it is easy to get lost in the piles of smartphones, and all the similar variations on other carriers. Today we are focusing on the Galaxy S II GT-I9103 that just cleared the FCC. The kicker here is this version is running on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 CPU instead of a Samsung Exynos chip like the current Galaxy S II.

Samsung originally launched with their own Exynos chip and performance was great but the Tegra 2 wasn’t all that behind and early benchmarks showed them pretty even. Going with multiple chipsets is most likely due to location, cost, and availability rather than performance.

We have seen many leaks and news reports regarding the Galaxy S II heading to places like Canada and on Virgin Mobile so we could very well see one of those devices launching with the Tegra 2. It could be one of the many U.S. versions as well so we will have to wait and see.

[via PocketNow]