The things we here at Android Community will do to get our hands on the latest gadgets! Samsung invited me to crank the traditional unboxing process up to 11 last week, taking to a 300bhp Subaru Impreza rally car to talk about the company’s new flagship Galaxy S II Android smartphone in the most unusual of situations.

So, last week I ended up at the Phil Price Rally School in mid-Wales, strapped into a four-point harness and clutching a boxed-up Galaxy S II. “Speak loud” they warned me, “else we won’t hear you over the engine” – I’m going to pretend that that’s the only reason I look so frantic in the final clip, desperately trying to make myself heard while covering a two or three miles of rally track in under two minutes.

In the end, I lost all the accessories – and most of the packaging – over my shoulder during the very first turn, but managed to just about keep a grip on the Galaxy S II itself. Whether anything I actually managed to scream at the camera is intelligible is, well, open to debate.

If you’re interested in picking up the Samsung Galaxy S II, it’ll go on sale from April 27. If you’d like to see a somewhat less dramatic hands-on with the smartphone, check out our coverage from last month!