The Samsung Galaxy S II superphone has been out in Canada and other areas for a while even though it’s just starting to hit the U.S the past two weeks. We have seen a few press images here and there regarding a white version but today Bell Canada has confirmed they’ve got one in the works and it will be available shortly.

We saw a white SGSII headed to the UK in July, and it is now available for a few select carriers outside of the U.S. and Canada. Bell Canada has confirmed that it is coming very soon and will be available for order shortly, here are a few images.

No timeline was given but they did mention “way before” the holiday rush so we are assuming it should be landing soon. Here in the US the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch was recently released (see our review) and the AT&T version will hit shelves October 2nd. We haven’t heard anything regarding a white Galaxy S II from any U.S carriers but if other regions are getting it, we will most likely see them appear here too. Stay tuned for more information as I know plenty of readers would love to get there hands on a white SGSII.

[via MobileSyrup]