Today Verizon Wireless has just confirmed what we all figured would happen and were hoping for at the same time. The blazing fast and super thin Samsung Galaxy S II will be launching on Verizon Wireless coming this July. From what we are hearing it will be called the Galaxy S II Function, as well as the Attain and Within on other carriers. Pretty wild names that is for sure.

Update: Apparently this news was incorrect and it will not be coming in July, new details can be found here.

Today Computerworld received news that Verizon would be launching this phone come July but they don’t have any other details, there is no word on the official name as hinted above or anything regarding an actual release date. July is not to far away so don’t worry Big Red customers you’ll have this phone soon enough.

Make sure you check out the Galaxy S II Review and Extreme unboxing by our man Chris Davies. He was lucky enough to unbox the SGSII while flying down the road in a rally car. This initial news mentions a version for all other U.S. carriers but T-Mobile is still not listed but hopefully they will jump on board soon. Stay tuned for more information about this superphone.

[via Computerworld]