The next generation of the best selling Android phone in history is about to break out in the USA – having been selling like the hottest hotcakes over in the UK. There’s an event today that we’ve been invited to by both Samsung and AT&T – this coincides with an FCC filing and approval that’s showing up today, one that clearly points to the Galaxy S II. Could it be? Could the USA be getting the superhero phone this week?

Nay, the phone will not be being released this week, but it’s certainly possible that the phone could be officially announced at this event. There’s also still the Samsung Infuse 4G which, if it were announced after the Samsung Galaxy S II, might look pale in comparison. We DO know that the Infuse 4G is coming to AT&T for sure, too, so we’ll see.

Now this FCC filing of the Galaxy S II, what’s the big deal about it? Nothing too earth-shattering, but there are a few fun items. One of them you can find in the gallery below – it’s the sometimes common request for confidentiality letter that companies send out when they’ve got a product that needs to be kept a secret lest blogs should spill ALL the beans early. Then there’s that yellow and blue and red image of the phone – thats indicating locations of the GPS, main, and Wifi antennas for SAR testing – interesting, so very interesting.

Everything else you can see in the FCC filing via Wireless Goodness – you gotta give em credit, they find every single FCC filing like they’ve got two eyes plastered on the group at all times. Craziness.

[via Wireless Goodness]