Yesterday as we’re sure you all know, Samsung announced their new GALAXY S 4 smartphone to take on the Android competition. Now today they’ve already posted up a microsite showing off all of the accessories for their new flagship smartphone – and they have plenty. While we won’t get into screen sizes, the similar design or plastic, we will share all the accessory details below.

One that I’m sure many are interested in is their new Samsung S Band. Just like other smartbands available like the Fuel the S Band will track footsteps, calories burned, and more then sync back all the details via Bluetooth to the new S Health app pre-installed on your Galaxy smartphone. We didn’t see much of it yesterday, but now Samsung posted the HD image above giving us an idea of what to expect, and the array of colors.

That isn’t all either. For those following along live, or caught all of our coverage at the our Galaxy S4 Portal you probably know they have tons more to offer. More details can be found in our S View and accessory post too. Then most interesting was the Samsung GamePad that will attach your smartphone to a controller for a true console-like experience, which also outed the Note III screen size.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.55.13 AM

Then probably one of my favorite accessories is the new Samsung S View cover for the Galaxy S4. It’s like previous flip cover cases, only the new S View model has a little transparent window so you can quickly check battery levels, time, incoming notifications and emails and more without removing the cover. Pretty spiffy Samsung.

Then of course we have the regular flip cover, a wireless charging pad (which they didn’t say anything about), durable full covers, and even a Samsung body scale. Yes Samsung will be selling a scale for your bathroom that will work alongside your S Band, S Health, and their new heart rate monitor band. A little much right? For all the details check out the images and the link to the micro-site below.

[via Samsung]

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