Despite what some may say about the size of the Galaxy Note II, it seems that Samsung is not really having all that much trouble shipping them out. We have seen some Note II shipment numbers in the recent past, however as of today we are learning about a new milestone — more than 1 million Galaxy Note II phablets have shipped in South Korea.

This news is coming by way of the Korean language MK News site who are reporting that Samsung has now shipped more than 1 million. The key here, this 1 million milestone comes just three months after the initial launch. Of course, looking at the bigger picture, this just adds to the overall global shipment number.

If you remember back, Samsung had announced that they shipped 3 million Galaxy Note II phablets back in early-November. And this came before the handset was even available with most of the US carriers. At that point, the Note II was just about to be released with AT&T and still a few weeks away from a release with Verizon Wireless. More important for Samsung though, they returned later in the month with word that Galaxy Note II shipments had topped the 5 million mark.

And as always, while these are big numbers — we should point out that they are shipped, not sold. Simply put, these are the devices that Samsung is shipping out to suppliers and distributors. Nonetheless, we suspect that if those suppliers and distributors were not selling the devices, they would not be ordering the devices. Speculation aside, the Galaxy Note II and its 5.5-inch display is beginning to seem not so big anymore considering we are seeing more and more 5-inch devices these days.

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[via SammyHub]